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Posted by Anonymouse on March 04, 2008 at 19:42:21:

In Reply to: YC and the OOC rooms - Please Read posted by Rodent on March 04, 2008 at 16:05:54:

i agree with what you are saying but can not see who will enforce this rule when it comes to it the people supposed to keep the OOC chatter down are some times the biggest culprits.

and when others (mods and not) don't get what they want they go into OOC and reck it for the rest of us and noone stops them.

First, a request. Please use the OOC room for non-vore-related conversations. Not only is there a link to the OOC room from within Yum Chat itself, but for serveral years now, we have offered a split-screen window to make it easier to access both rooms at the same time. The link to this split screen has appeared at the bottom of the Entry page for both Yum Chat and the OOC room since March of 2007, and is repeated here for convenience:
Split-screen entry page

Now, to clear a few things up about OOC conversations within Yum Chat.
First and foremost, Yum Chat is a Vore RP chat room. It's purpose is for RPing vore scenes. This does not mean that players cannot RP without vore. Character development and just plain fun are always welcome. However, please remember that 'vore' is the purpose for the chat room and if your RPs 'never' contain any vore, either as predator or prey, this chat room is not for you.

With regard to OOC comments, there are generally 3 different types that you see.
1) Greetings of hello or goodbye as people enter or leave. There is nothing wrong with these types of OOC comments and are actually encouraged as a way to make people feel more welcome in the chat. However, because of the way the chat buffer works, if there are multiple people you wish to greet, try to do so in a single OOC post, rather than separate posts to each of them. This helps to keep the screen from being cluttered and filled up by OOC comments, especially if an RP is taking place.
2) OOC RPs, where 2 or more people are having some type of vore RP, but keeping it within OOC brackets such as (( ... )). These type of OOC comments are also fine. When RPing, many people's play their characters in an ongoing type of storyline. In order to have a vore RP that is outside of such a storyline, they may choose to do that RP within an OOC context, so that the encounter does not have any effect on their actual character. Because Yum Chat is for vore RPing, it does not matter if that RP is IC or OOC. It is still an RP and it thus allowed.
3) Conversations that have nothing to do with people's characters or vore. An occassional OOC comment that is not vore or RP related is okay, but when such comments then develop into conversations, they need to be moved to the OOC room. This is always true, especially when an RP is taking place, even if the OOC conversation is between the same people RPing. Non-vore, non-RP OOC conversations discourage people from RPing.

So, the conclusion here is that people need to use the OOC room for OOC conversations and Yum Chat for RPing. With Yum Chat becoming more and more popular once again, I want to put a halt to potential problems like this, before they start affecting RPs and driving people away. If people can chat on YIM, AIM, MSN and ICQ at the same time they are in Yum Chat, they can also have a browser open to the OOC room.


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